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05 Nepisiquit River Basin

NB’s watersheds at risk. Megan de Graaf, NB Media Co-op, April 16, 2008.
The South Branch Nepisguit River, with 62% of the land base covered in Crown forest less than 35 years old, is the most critically affected watershed in the province. The extent of young forest in that watershed can be contrasted with the adjacent low risk Portage Brook Composite watershed, for example, which contains only 12.5% young Crown forests.

Soil Samples taken by the UNBI on or near the Pabineau First Nation Community:

IN: Environmental Contamination Related to Significant Health Issues Among First Nations in New Brunswick

Location Along Railroad
Between Pabineau + Brunswick Mines Crossing Rte 430 1,890 5,670 46 197
Parallel to Rte 430 1,180 1,850 26 197
Past Pabineau crossing Rte 430 444 1,120

Heavy Metal Mining Activity

1.  Press Release 2012:El Niño Ventures Inc. Bathurst Projects

  Pabineau First Nation Land Parcel

2.  Tailings erosion and resuspension in two mine tailings ponds due to wind waves M.H. Mian, E.K. Yanful / Advances in Environmental Research 7 (2003) 745–765 (Heath Steele Mine Upper Cell tailings area)

3.  Case Study Assessment - Heath Steele Tailings Area Miramichi, New Brunswick.  Gravel, J; Poirier, P. 2004. MEND Report 9.2c.
Recommendations for further studies at Heath Steele Mine to verify some of the issues that have been brought up in the closure plan, such as:
-  Assessment of contaminated seepage water from the Old Tailings Area into the Upper and North Cells or even towards the Lower South Tomogonops River (CN Quarry). ....

4.  Callinex Acquires Portfolio of Zinc Assets from Slam Exploration. May 18, 2016

Location Map showing the Superjack and Nash Creek VMS Properties, New Brunswick, Canada