Union of New Brunswick Indians

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Board of Directors

Kingsclear First Nation
Chief Gabriel Atwin
Pilick (the Village)

Madawaska Maliseet First Nation
Chief Patricia Bernard
Matawaskiyak (at a place where water flows out over grass)

Metepenagiag First Nation
Chief Bill Ward
Metepenagiag (red banks)

Oromocto First Nation
Chief Shelley Sabattis
Welamuktok (deep river of good fishing)

St, Mary's First Nation
Chief Alan Polchies Jr.
Sitansisk (little Saint Anne)

Woodstock First Nation
Chief Tim Paul
Mehtaqtek (end of the trail)


Pabineau First Nation
Elder Ben Paul
Oinpegitjoig L'Noeigati

St, Mary's First Nation
Elder Christine Gabriel