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Heavy Metals


Tissues undergoing growth (to which cell division is important) are especially vulnerable to methylmercury, since “methylmercury is known to inhibit cell division by causing metaphase arrest,” according to a WHO publication (Sect. 9).  Abnormal neuronal migration (as an effect of methylmercury exposure) is especially significant to discussion of origins of autism, since disorganization of brain cells, which could result from defective migration, was found in a 2014 study to be normally present in brains of children with ASD. 


Mercury and other contaminants in common loons breeding in Atlantic Canada. Burgess NM, Evers DC, Kaplan JD. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2010

Heavy Metal Mining

Abandoned Mines
There are more than 375 mine openings at 63 separate mine sites in the Province of New Brunswick. Most of these openings are on private land. Many of them predate modern safety rules. They are dangerous! New Brunswick Energy & Resource Development