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Student of the Month

January 2023 Human Services Counsellor Part-time

Trudy Elder is a dedicated mother, Personal support worker and Early childhood educator who currently is the supervisor at the Tobique First Nation Daycare. Trudy is hardworking and empathetic to the needs of her students and staff. Trudy loves to learn and is very passionate about education. We are proud to have her be one of our students. She brings a lot to our school and classroom environment! Congratulations Trudy! we are proud of you!

January 2023 Human Services Counsellor

Chantel Nicolas comes to class each day with a positive and humorous attitude. The student embraces the responsibility required to maintain progress in their schoolwork and other personal goals. Her work shows she will have nothing but compassion, positive insight and ambition to add in this field of work. It's a pleasure to recognize Chantel as Student of the Month for HSC.

January 2023 Early Childhood Education

Wiphun Rose is the student of the month for January for our Night ECE class. Wip comes to class always prepared and always willing to help her fellow classmates. Wip is always eager to complete her work and always takes what she has learned into her class at the daycare. Wip is a joy to have in my class.

January 2023 Hospitality and Tourism Management

Christina Sappier is the student of the month for January for our Hospitality and Tourism Program. Christina comes to class everyday prepared and ready to work and learn new information about Hospitality and Tourism. Christina is always willing to help with research or drive down from Tobique to help out. Christina is a joy to have in our class. Awesome work!

October 2022 Human Services Counsellor Part-time

Isaiah Fournier is one of our youngest and newest students. Isaiah shows great promise. He has work ethic and intelligence. Isaiah has insight beyond his years. We are very proud of him and are very excited to see where his education and future will take him.

October 2022 Early Childhood Education Part-time

Student of the month for our night ECE class we have picked Isaiah Saulis - he is a motivated student who comes to class ready to learn and always participates in class discussions. He is always positive and loves to joke with his classmate.


October 2022 Addictions Services Counsellor

Ashlea Young is a new student this fall and is awarded Student of the Month for October 2022 in the Addictions and Mental Health services evening class. Ashlea is always online and ready to learn. She is engaged and willing to share as well as ask questions. Great to have you in the class. Congratulations, Ashlea.

October 2022 Addictions Services Counsellor

Brittany Sacobie is the Student of the Month of October 2022 in her first year of Addictions and Mental Health Services diploma program. Brittany goes above and beyond as she completes her work with excellence. She is an extremely hard worker and dedicated to her education. Great work, Brittany.

October 2022 Addictions Services Counsellor

Peter Saulis has been chosen as Student of the Month for Addictions and Mental Health Services second-year program. Not only is he dedicated to his education but pours out his life in his own community while he works at Wolastoqewiyik Healing Lodge in his own community of Tobique. Great team player. Woliwon for all your efforts in the addiction field, Peter.

October 2022 Early Childhood Education

Jenna Killam is the ECE student of the month. Jenna brings a positive attitude to everything she does. She adds thought-provoking and insightful comments to our class discussions. As well as attending college, Jenna is a full-time educator in an after-school program. Jenna’s passion for childcare is evident as is her love of learning and personal growth. Congrats Jenna!

October 2022 Hospitality and Tourism Management

Here is Hospitality and Tourism's Oct's student of the month, I have picked Thunder Young - he is a great student and always comes to class ready to learn. He may be shy but that does not stop him from being a great team player with his classmates. He is always willing to participate in group assignments and always willing to help with the research. Thunder is a hard working and motivated student and he is going to rock this Hospitality and Tourism year. Keep up the great work. 

October 2022 Human Services Counsellor

Emily Cockaday is a positive, kind and caring young lady, In class, she is focused and consistently goes the extra mile, which shows true ownership over her own learning. Emily is confident when asking questions, and welcomes feedback. Most importantly, Emily has a noticeably pleasant disposition and this quality makes her stand out. Congratulations, Emily!