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Nelson Solomon          Drummer Natalie Sappier
Starla McDougall
Darrell Paul

The UNBI Board of Directors authorized the establishment of the Training Institute in 1994 as a key component of the UNBI's activities and became incorporated as a non-profit organization in May 2009. Its purpose is to provide post-secondary and other educational opportunities for the people, and by the people, of the First Nation communities.

All programs and workshops are open to First Nations as well as non-native students.  Curriculum has been designed to ensure that students have their choice of whether they could work on or off-reserve.

The UNBI Training Institute is registered to grant specific academic credentials for specific technical or vocational training programs with regards to the general enabling legislation of

  • Private Occupational Training Act (R.S.N.B. 1973, c. P-16.1)
  • General Regulation (O.C. 84-679) - Private Occupational Training Act

The UNBI Training Institute is registered with Canada and New Brunswick Student Loans as well as with the Department of Indian Affairs for funding purposes. It is also registered under the New Brunswick Private Occupational Training Act and a member of the National Association of Career Colleges.   

UNBI Training Institute is located at:  

Union of New Brunswick Indians Training Institute 

75 Melissa Street, Unit 1
Richibucto Road, New Brunswick
E3A 6V9

Tel: 506-458-9444
Fax: 506-458-2850

UNBI Training Institute Inc. is the only private non-profit training institute registered with the New Brunswick Association of Career Colleges (NBACC) in the province.  UNBITI provides teaching, coaching, and resources to help secure the best future possible for children in their communities. Our vision is to move forward in a complete and all encompassing manner.  We will accomplish this through proper education that is ongoing and ever changing reflecting the needs of our people. The importance of the early years to children's lives is now beyond question. There is an urgent need to move forward, so that First Nations children can enjoy equitable access to high-quality early education.  

The way forward requires placing learning and development at the heart of our policies and practices in early childhood. We need to have meaningful conversations with all educators present and future and to include parents in these conversations as the children's first and most important teachers. This is not a slight undertaking and yet it is not insurmountable. We passionately feel we will make a difference and thus create a ripple effect of health and wellness for all community members which in turn will surround our young children with the positive love filled communities they deserve to grow up in and need to grow up in to be healthy contributing members of society.

UNBITI provides each community with ongoing training, professional development and one on one site support. We also provide the opportunity for First Nation communities to train their own community members to be able to provide top quality education to ensure brighter futures.  


Contact by Email
Tel: 506-458-9444
Fax: 506-458-2850

Early Childhood Education Certificate & Diploma

In 2009 UNBI Training Institute began offering their Early Childhood Education Program to communities via videoconferencing. All 15 First Nations communities in New Brunswick have videoconferencing enabling them to participate without having to relocate. We are currently developing a relationship with the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton to have the Early Childhood Development program recognized as an accredited course at the University level.

Personal Support Worker Certificate & Diploma

Professional Development Workshops

Workshops are offered on a regular bases, tailored to suit each communities and/or organizations individual needs and is provided on site. The UNBITI is working with Health Canada's Aboriginal Headstart on Reserve to facilitate workshops and "Teaching Stratifies - Creative Curriculum" from Head Start to K-4.

UNBITI provide workshops for staff and students. Workshops have included Nutrition, Menu Planning, Food Handling, Puppet Making, Policies and Procedures, Play, Reiki, Guidance, Documentation, NB Curriculum Training, and Care of the Child in Crisis. Staff create professional development workshops based on need.

Program Keywords:
    • Child and Youth Care, Early Childhood Education, Education, Personal Support Worker, Professional Development.

I am writing this letter to explain exactly what UNBITI did for me not only from a professional standpoint but also a personal one. I was very anxious to go back to school as a mature student, my own daughter was entering kindergarten that year as well. Over time I not only became a better Early Childhood Educator but also a mother. Things I knew instinctively to do I know had concrete reason behind why I was doing then both for my own child and the children I was teaching. I learned so much from not only the curriculum but from the other women I was attending school with. We shared experiences and stories and problem solved together. Our instructors never lost patience and worked with us all as individuals, we all supported each other during tough times such as losing our favorite teacher Vicki Anderson so suddenly and tragically and also through positive events such as weddings and babies. I began school waiting for it to be done however at some point I began looking forward to class and loved being a part of the little family we became. I personally gained knowledge, confidence and a true deep love for Early Childhood Education and its importance for all of our children and communities. So much so that I became a part time instructor for many years until the summer of this year where I am now a full time employee. I feel blessed to have had the opportunities I have had through UNBITI not all pleasant, however I gained and grew from them all because of the love and support I have found here. I look forward to the future of UNBITI and the possibilities for all the Students who will come through our doors and the lives of the children they will positively impact.

Respectfully yours;

Starla McDougall

Former Graduate of UNBITI & Current Instructor

UNBITI Board of Directors
Darrell Paul, President and Chairman

Sarabjeet Kaur, Director 

International Recruitment Manager & Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (1-506-800-9200)

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Steven Leland, Director

Rick Perley, Director

Starla McDougall, Director

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National Association of Career Colleges

Province of New Brunswick Private Occupational Training Organization
Department of Post-Secondary Education Training and Labour

Oulton College (pending)
Licensed Practical Nurse

Mi'kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre
Mi'kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre

University of New Brunswick
ECE student transfer to Bachelor of Education


Early Childhood Care & Education New Brunswick
Cohort positions in  FASD and Autism Behavioural Analysis at the University of New Brunswick


Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs
Student financial aid

National Indian Brotherhood
Student financial aid

Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk
Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey

Video conferencing and technical support
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Graduations Class 2018 with UNBITI Staff

Cynthia Davis, PSW Instructor,Amanda Atwin, Ashley Young, Starla McDougall UNBITI Vice Principal, Morgen Tomer, Savannah Polchies, Melissa Knockwood, Katrina Sacobie, Vicki O'Sullivan ECE Instructor 

Amanda Atwin, Melissa Knockwood, Katrina Sacobie, Morgen Tomer, Savannah Polchies, Ashley Young

Early Childhood Education Diploma

Melissa Knockwood   Katrina Sacobie   Morgen Tomer   Savannah Polchies

Personal Support Worker Diploma

Amanda Atwin       Ashley Young

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Personal Support Worker Diploma

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Early Childhood Education Diploma

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Early Childhood Education Certificate 

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Hubbard Ave. Elementary Drum Group Traditional Dancers

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Graduation Class of 2016

Front Center - Damien Sabattis-Carrier (Drummer) 
Front Row - Caitlin Bartlett, Misty Solomon, Serena Moulton, Misty Paul 
Back Row - Katrina Sacobie, Cathy Paul, Carley Egers, Jennifer Polches, Shirley Francis, Morgen Tomer and Cassandra Paul

Personal Support Worker Diploma 

Morgen Tomer                Caitlin Bartlett          Katrina Sacobie

Early Childhood Education Certificate 


                                      Misty Solomon                Jennifer Polches                Serena Moulton

Early Childhood Education Diploma


                          Shirley Francis     Carley Egers        Misty Paul            Cassandra Paul     Cathy Paul

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