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UNBI Training Institute - Contact Information

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Tel: 506-458-9444
Fax: 506-458-2850

Starla McDougall, Principal  Contact by Email

Vicki O'Sullivan, Instructor - Early Childhood Education    Contact by Email

Samantha Ratti, Instructor - Human Service Counsellor   Contact by Email

Amanda Lyons, Instructor - Personal Support Worker   Contact by Email

Karen Hardy, Instructor - Addictions and Mental Health Service Counsellor    Contact by Email

Rick Perley, Vice-Principal, CFO   Contact by Email

Debbie Fearneley, Administrative Assistant   Contact by Email

UNBITI Application Form

UNBI Training Institute is located at:  

Union of New Brunswick Indians Training Institute 

75 Melissa Street, Unit 1
Richibucto Road, New Brunswick
E3A 6V9

Tel: 506-458-9444
Fax: 506-458-2850

Contact by Email


Contact by Email
Tel: 506-458-9444
Fax: 506-458-2850

Early Childhood Education Diploma

Teaching at any level is a rewarding career, but early childhood teachers have a special opportunity to help children at their earliest stages. Early Childhood Education programs at UNBITI teach students the skills they need to get children started on a successful journey through the education system

Human Service Counsellor Diploma

Graduates from our Human Services Counsellor Program will be prepared for employment in the sectors of human services, mental health and community living. You will learn to build purposeful relationships that promote enhanced services on all levels of health and wellbeing within individuals, families and groups in the communities.

Addictions Services Counsellor with Mental Health Specialty Diploma

The field of addictions counselling is growing and graduates of the UNBI Training Institute are in high demand. It takes emotional maturity, good people skills and a strong sense of self identity to become an addictions counsellor . The program is also the first in New Brunswick to integrate mental health, addictions and First Nations world view. Addiction Counselling is a two-year diploma. 

Personal Support Worker Diploma

A Personal Support Worker, also known as a Personal Care Attendant is someone who cares for the physical, mental and emotional well-being of a patient who are not able to do so for themselves, typically in the elderly. The main responsibilities of a Personal Support Worker include ensuring the patient has healthy and nutritious meals, assist the patient with daily tasks and working with the interdisciplinary team to ensure the best quality of care.

Professional Development Workshops

Workshops are offered on a regular bases, tailored to suit each communities and/or organizations individual needs and is provided on site. The UNBI Training Institute is working with Health Canada's Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve to facilitate workshops and "Teaching Stratifies - Creative Curriculum" from Head Start to K-4.

UNBI Training Institute provides workshops for staff and students. Workshops have included Nutrition, Menu Planning, Food Handling, Puppet Making, Policies and Procedures, Play, Reiki, Guidance, Documentation, NB Curriculum Training, and Care of the Child in Crisis. Staff create professional development workshops based on need.

Program Keywords:
    • Child and Youth Care, Early Childhood Education, Education, Human Services Counsellor, Addictions Service Counsellor with mental Health Specialty, Personal Support Worker, Professional Development.

I am writing this letter to explain exactly what UNBITI did for me not only from a professional standpoint but also a personal one. I was very anxious to go back to school as a mature student, my own daughter was entering kindergarten that year as well. Over time I not only became a better Early Childhood Educator but also a mother. Things I knew instinctively to do I know had concrete reason behind why I was doing then both for my own child and the children I was teaching. I learned so much from not only the curriculum but from the other women I was attending school with. We shared experiences and stories and problem solved together. Our instructors never lost patience and worked with us all as individuals, we all supported each other during tough times such as losing our favorite teacher Vicki Anderson so suddenly and tragically and also through positive events such as weddings and babies. I began school waiting for it to be done however at some point I began looking forward to class and loved being a part of the little family we became. I personally gained knowledge, confidence and a true deep love for Early Childhood Education and its importance for all of our children and communities. So much so that I became a part time instructor for many years until the summer of this year where I am now a full time employee. I feel blessed to have had the opportunities I have had through UNBITI not all pleasant, however I gained and grew from them all because of the love and support I have found here. I look forward to the future of UNBITI and the possibilities for all the Students who will come through our doors and the lives of the children they will positively impact.

Respectfully yours;

Starla McDougall

Former Graduate of UNBITI & Current Instructor

UNBITI Board of Directors
Darrell Paul, President and Chairman

Sarabjeet Kaur, Director 

International Recruitment Manager & Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (1-506-800-9200)

Contact by Email

Steven Leland, Director

Rick Perley, Director

Starla McDougall, Director

Membership / Affiliations

National Association of Career Colleges

Province of New Brunswick Private Occupational Training Organization
Department of Post-Secondary Education Training and Labour

Oulton College (pending)
Licensed Practical Nurse

Mi'kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre
Mi'kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre

University of New Brunswick
ECE student transfer to Bachelor of Education


Early Childhood Care & Education New Brunswick
Cohort positions in  FASD and Autism Behavioural Analysis at the University of New Brunswick


Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs
Student financial aid

National Indian Brotherhood
Student financial aid

Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk
Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey

Video conferencing and technical support
UNBITI Graduation

Graduation Class of 2021

Graduation Class of 2019

Graduation Class of 2018

Graduation Class of 2017

Graduation Class of 2016

Graduating Class 2019

Graduation Class 2018

Graduations Class 2018 with UNBITI Staff

Cynthia Davis, PSW Instructor,Amanda Atwin, Ashley Young, Starla McDougall UNBITI Vice Principal, Morgen Tomer, Savannah Polchies, Melissa Knockwood, Katrina Sacobie, Vicki O'Sullivan ECE Instructor 

Amanda Atwin, Melissa Knockwood, Katrina Sacobie, Morgen Tomer, Savannah Polchies, Ashley Young

Early Childhood Education Diploma

Melissa Knockwood   Katrina Sacobie   Morgen Tomer   Savannah Polchies

Personal Support Worker Diploma

Amanda Atwin       Ashley Young

Graduation Students Collage

Family and Friends

Graduation Class of 2017

Personal Support Worker Diploma

Mary Paul    Trinda Paul    Trisha Paul    Mary Buchanan

Early Childhood Education Diploma

Megan Sabattis    Gene (Diggy) Dave       Cheyenne Paul

Hannah Mitchell          Paige Polchies        Melissa Munn     Trisha Sabattis

        Vice Principal                   Instructor              
        Starla MacDougall                   Vicki O'Sulivan              

Early Childhood Education Certificate 

Ashley Presnail

Hubbard Ave. Elementary Drum Group Traditional Dancers

Dakota Verner    Hannah Burns

Friends and Family

Graduation Class of 2016

Front Center - Damien Sabattis-Carrier (Drummer) 
Front Row - Caitlin Bartlett, Misty Solomon, Serena Moulton, Misty Paul 
Back Row - Katrina Sacobie, Cathy Paul, Carley Egers, Jennifer Polches, Shirley Francis, Morgen Tomer and Cassandra Paul

Personal Support Worker Diploma 

Morgen Tomer                Caitlin Bartlett          Katrina Sacobie

Early Childhood Education Certificate 


                                      Misty Solomon                Jennifer Polches                Serena Moulton

Early Childhood Education Diploma


                          Shirley Francis     Carley Egers        Misty Paul            Cassandra Paul     Cathy Paul

Family & Friends

Graduating Class of 2021





New Brunswick Free Tuition Program


Printable Application

FNIGC National Student Bursary

The National Student Bursary will award bursaries to First Nations College or University students enrolled full-time in Epidemiology, Population Health, Biostatistics, or Information and Data Management Technology.

To apply please visit FNIGC.ca.

UNBITI Graduates Success

Jenny Sappier graduated from UNBITI with a diploma in Human Service Counsellor. She now works with Tobique Child & Family Services under the Youth Mentor Program.

Lila Youseff graduated from UNBITI with a diploma in Early Childhood Education. She now works for the School District.

Caroline Solomon graduated from UNBITI with a diploma in Human Service Counsellor. She now works with the Tobique First Nation Health Centre

Natural Resources

Nuclear Waste Management Organization

Nuclear Waste Management Organization

Contact by Email
Tel:  506-458-9444
Fax:  506-458-2850

Rick Perley
Acting Natural Resources Liaison       

Kingsclear PowWow 2021. Selena McDougall, Rick Perley, Tyona Bear (Student) and Samantha Ratti (Instuctor)


 St. Mary's (Sitansisk) PowWow 2019 Display booth

Nuclear Waste Management Organization Update

Transportation Planning Framework

Preliminary Transportation Plan

Implementing Adaptive Phased Management 2022-2026

Invitation to review a draft planning framework for the transportation of used nuclear fuel

NWMO’s draft transportation planning framework document

Article: Communities Come Together to Learn July 2019 Oakville, ON

What We Heard: December 2019

Council of Elders & Youth

Small Modular Reactors - Managing Used Fuel

Nuclear Fuel Cycle in Canada

Pamphlet page 1. Information disseminated at Indian Summer Games 2018 

Pamphlet page 2: Information disseminated at Indian Summer Games 2018

NB Indian Summer Games 2018, Esgenoopetitj

NWMO Council of Elders and Youth


-To provide advice to the NWMO that will help protect and preserve all creation: air, land, fire, water, plants, medicines, animals and humankind

– Guided by seven universal teachings of love, trust, sharing, honesty, humanity, respect and wisdom.

Those representing New Brunswick are Elder Donna Augustine (Rexton, NB) and Youth Madison Levi (Metepenagiag Mi’kmaq Nation, NB).


The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) was established in 2002 by Canada's nuclear electricity producers in accordance with the Nuclear Fuel Waste Act (NFWA). Operating on a not-for-profit basis under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, the NWMO is responsible for designing and implementing Canada's plan for the long-term management of used nuclear fuel. Used nuclear fuel is created by generating electricity in nuclear power plants.

Ontario Power Generation (OPG), New Brunswick Power Corporation, and Hydro-Québec (HQ) are the founding Members of the NWMO, and along with Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), are required to fund the NWMO's Operations.

The NFWA required the NWMO to study approaches for the long-term management of used nuclear fuel and recommend to the Government of Canada a preferred approach. The NWMO initiated this study in 2002, and in 2005, after a three-year dialogue with Canadians from coast to Coast, submitted to the Minister of Natural Resources a proposed approach for the long-term management of Canada's used nuclear fuel.

In June 2007, the Government of Canada selected Adaptive Phased Management (APM) as Canada's plan for the long-term management of USed nuclear fuel.

The technical end point of APM is the centralized containment and isolation of the used fuel in a deep geological repository located at a safe site with an informed and willing host. The plan also involves the development of a used fuel transportation system to transport used nuclear fuel to the repository site.

The management system involves realistic, manageable phases, each marked by explicit decision points with continuing participation by interested Canadians.


Indigenous Knowledge Policy

NWMO News and Activities

Radiation - Effects and Sources

NWMO Watching Brief on Advanced Fuel Cycles

Hosting a Nuclear Underground Storage Facility: Generations of Opportunity presented to a UNB class (ADM 2166) on Persuasive Economic Opportunities by Rick Perley

UNBI NWMO Workshop August 2005 Metepenagiag Lodge


Level 1 Watersheds

01. Saint John River Basin 28,860.15
02. Miramichi River Basin 13,546.65
03. Restigouche River Basin 6,603.91
04. St. Croix River Basin 1,653.34
05. Nepisiguit River Basin 3,091.97
06. Petitcodiac River Basin 2,831.93
07. Northumberland Strait Composite 4,707.44
08. West Fundy Composite 3,727.74
09. Acadian Peninsula Composite 3,188.45
10. Chaleur Bay Composite 2,195.59
11. East Fundy Composite 1,515.16
12. Fundy Isles Composite 237.32
13. Inner Bay of Fundy Composite 494.39



01 Saint John River Basin

"At-risk" Watersheds (at least <40% Crown forest cover <35 years old)  NB’s watersheds at risk. Megan de Graaf, NB Media Co-op, April 16, 2008.

  1. Wild Goose Branch
  2. Napadogan Brook
  3. Big Forks Stream
  4. Grey Brook Composite
  5. Coal Creek
  6. Forks Stream
  7. Alward Brook Composite
THE SAINT JOHN RIVER: A State of the Environment Report (2011)
02 Miramichi River Basin

"At-risk" Watersheds (at least <40% Crown forest cover <35 years old) NB’s watersheds at risk. Megan de Graaf, NB Media Co-op, April 16, 2008

  1. Tomogonops River
  2. North Branch Big Sevogle River
  3. South Branch Big Sevogle River Headwaters
  4. Lower North Branch Little Southwest Miramichi River
  5. Little North Pole Brook Composite
  6. North Pole Stream
  7. Burnt Land Brook
  8. Six Mile Brook
03 Restigouche River Basin

"At-risk" Watersheds (at least 40% Crown forest cover <35 years old.  NB’s watersheds at risk. Megan de Graaf, NB Media Co-op, April 16, 2008.

  1. South Branch Kedgwick River
  2. West of States Brook Composite
  3. States Brook
  4. McDougall Brook
  5. Patapedia River

04 St. Croix River Basin

05 Nepisiguit River Basin

Bathurst Harbour
Forty Four Mile Brook
Forty Mile Brook
Little South Branch Nepisiguit River
Moody Brook Composite
Nepisiguit River Headwaters
Otter Brook Composite
Pabineau River Composite
Portage Brook Composite
South Branch Nepisiguit River

"At-risk" Watersheds (at least 40% Crown forest cover <35 years old) NB’s watersheds at risk. Megan de Graaf, NB Media Co-op, April 16, 2008..

  1. Middle River Headwaters
  2. Little River
  3. Forty Four Mile Brook
  4. Forty Mile Brook
  5. Nine Mile Brook
  6. Nepisguit Brook Composite
  7. Otter Brook Composite
  8. South Branch Nepisiguit River (62% land covered in forest <35 years old)
  9. Little South Branch Nepisiguit River
Bathurst Harbour

"At-risk" Watersheds (at least 40% Crown forest cover <35 years old) NB’s watersheds at risk. Megan de Graaf, NB Media Co-op, April 16, 2008..

1. Middle River Headwaters
2. Little River

Pabineau River Composite

Soil Samples taken by the UNBI on or near the Pabineau First Nation Community:IN: Environmental Contamination Related to Significant Health Issues Among First Nations in New Brunswick

Location Along Railroad
Between Pabineau + Brunswick Mines Crossing Rte 430 1,890 5,670 46 197
Parallel to Rte 430 1,180 1,850 26 197
Past Pabineau crossing Rte 430 444 1,120
Forty Mile Brook

Otter Brook Composite

Forty Four Mile Brook

Moody Brook Composite

Portage Brook Composite

South Branch Nepisiguit River

The South Branch Nepisiguit River, with 62% of the land base covered in Crown forest less than 35 years old, is the most critically affected watershed in the province.

Little South Branch Nepisiguit River

Nepisiguit River Headwaters
06 Petitcodiac River Basin

07 Northumberland Strait Composite

08 West Fundy Composite

09 Acadian Peninsula Composite

10 Chaleur Bay Composite

11 East Fundy Composite

12 Fundy Isles Composite

13 Inner Bay of Fundy Composite

NE Pipeline Plant identification

Plant Database.wmv